An algorithm is a series of steps that solves a problem. It is written using Pseudocode and Flowchart

Chapter 15
Pseudocode: pg 336-337
Flowchart: pg 337-338

In class, we will be using a program called Scratch to help visualise the algorithm. You will need to copy the HiLo folder from Mrs Ramses IST 2011 on the Shared Drive to your desktop. Open MacScratch1.4.dmg and install Scratch to your desktop.

Once Scratch has installed, open the file Student Copy HiLo. Click on the stage in the bottom right to access the main line of the program. On this page you will notice that the code along the bottom has been rearranged. You need to drag and drop to place the objects into the correct order and position within the code.

Press the Green Flag button (top right) to test whether your program is working.