Gantt Chart Template

Remember to colour in the dates for when you plan on working on each section. Ensure that you plan to have each part finished before the date which the part is due. You can and should have overlapping activities. Don't forget about holidays and weekends if you plan on taking a break.


Questions to think about:
What does the user need to put in?
Do they need to have a username?
How will users get to the instruction screen and back?
Are there different difficulties and is it chosen by the user?

For HiLo
Do they need to push a button or click something when they've entered their guess?


Go to your assignment sheet and find the project which you are going to make. Circle all of the verbs. Identify which verbs directly relate to what the program is going to do and list them here


Score, guess count, timers, etc
Does it have music/sound (this is a requirement)
Personalisation (if you use usernames, will it the program say, e.g. "Hi Mr Bezzina")