Features of a Graphical User Interface

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Graphical User Interface
Features of a GUI
  • Consistency of Elements
  • Functionality
  • Navigation
  • Borders and white space
  • Instructions to the user
  • Inclusive design factors

Consistency of Elements
  • Consistency:
  • Colour of forms, controls and text
  • Size and Layout
  • Buttons/Controls
  • Between versions
  • Menus
  • Dialogue Boxes
  • Tutorial/guide
  • Tool Tips
  • Controls
  • Used to find your way around the software
  • Minimises the number of steps that have to be taken to perform an action
  • Usually allows the user to take multiple paths to achieve the intended goal
Borders and White Space
  • White space is not necessarily White
  • Prevents Cluttering or Crowding
  • Can be used to group things together or focus specific objects
  • Not overused or it can be distracting
Instructions to the User
  • Well thought out to help the user
  • Instructions should be as brief as possible and very clear
  • Includes confirmation boxes eg “This will delete all files – Continue?”
Inclusive Design Factors
  • Takes into account the needs of those with disabilities or the aging
  • Includes such things as visual or audio aids

Borders and White Space
Instructions to the user
Inclusive Design Factors

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