Past, Current and Emerging Technologies

Find the definition of the following Key terms:
Augmented reality (AR)
Expert Systems
Fuzzy Logic
Generations of Computeres
Metcalfs Law
Moore's Law
Natural Language
Neural networks
Pattern Matching

  1. Use the web to explore the emerging technology of AR, by finding five online actual examples of AR. YouTube has many video examples of AR. Your computer must have a camera to use AR. Take screenshots to illustrate these and insert them into your ebooks.
  2. Watch the video of Apple’s Knowledge Navigator.
  3. Predict two information and software technology changes that you expect to see in your lifetime.
  4. Describe Moore’s law. Can it continue indefinitely?
  5. Outline three equity issues in information and software technology.
  6. What is convergence? Identify a product which displays convergence.
  7. Identify one way in which the nature of work has changed for one member of your family since you were born.
  8. Exercise your imagination and draw a picture of, as well as describe in words, the computer classroom you will visit if you are a parent of high-school-aged children in
    about 25 years.