Systems Software
Operating System
  1. When does the operating system start?
  2. Briefly describe 3 tasks which are performed by the Operating System
  3. Identify 4 examples of Operating System software
Utility Software
  1. What is the role of Utility software?
  2. Describe 3 categories of Utility software and identify 1 program for each
  3. Construct a situation where you would use utility software
Application Software
  1. In your own words, write a definition for Application Software
  2. Compare and contrast Suites and Integrated Software
  3. Identify 3 Software Packages which are installed on your laptop.
    1. Briefly describe how 2 different types of users could use each of these applications.
Application Software: Customised Software
  1. What are the set of codes and rules called that enable programmers to instruct the computer to operate?
  2. Identify 3 different high-level languages
  3. Discuss a situation where custom software may be used